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In brief…

The Centennial Theatre is an Elizabethan inspired venue equipped with a stage elevator doubling as an extendable thrust. Its wide array of sight lines and natural sound dispersion make the Centennial Theatre an ideal venue for acoustic musical and theatrical performances.


The auditorium contains 550 seats displayed in a 170° amphitheatre. All seats are upholstered and numbered. Up to sixty (60) extra chairs can be added in the orchestra pit provided that the stage elevator/thrust is lowered to the auditorium level. The maximum capacity of the Centennial theatre is of 650 people.


The Centennial Theatre features a 5 ft. deep apron plus a stage elevator that, if raised to stage level, can act as a thrust increasing the play area by another 12 ft. the stage is 60 ft. wide and 37 ft. behind the proscenium wall. Once all curtains and wing space are considered, the stage offers a practical play area of about 36’0’’ x 36’0’’. All surfaces of the stage, elevator and orchestra pit are covered with ¼” tempered Masonite painted in black.