A presentation by the BU  Arts Fest

    • Friday, January 17  at 8 pm

    • Centennial Theatre – Bishop’s University

    • Tickets: $20 – General Admission  | $5 – Students

STORRY is a seasoned artist trained in classical music who performs Mozart arias with as much confidence as hip hop, R&B, and gospel. Fierce and multifaceted, she writes and produces all her music. STORRY’s voice quality is second to none, and she uses and enhances her incredible sonorous gifts with prophecies witty, raw, and life-changing.

She preaches from experience. Lots of it. Her songs offer an honest portrait of life as a woman: it’s an image everybody can recognize, even if they don’t want to. Her poetic and musical creativity is unapologetic and fearless. In releasing her music, STORRY is leaving the shadows and showing us the result of decades of artistic work.


WATCH: STORRY – A Lost Find (Official Video) 


STORRY Official Website
Bishop's University Arts Festival

Bishop's University Arts Festival

Multi-disciplinary Arts Festival

Bishop’s University Arts Festival strives to accurately represent the diverse communities on campus through a week-long festival dedicated to the arts. Our goal is to expose these arts and their processes to people, groups, and communities who might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience them. As a student-run organization, we also strongly believe in cross-promotion and cooperation between the arts departments and communities on campus, and through our platform and that of the Artistic Alliance, do our best to promote the different activities and performances that happen throughout the year on campus and in the surrounding area!

The arts are an integral and invaluable part of our society and we feel a strong need to make that known, and create a greater appreciation for all the work and talent that goes into the creation of an artwork, play, performance, song, film, or poem. Bishop’s is home to an amazing, creative, and talented group of artists and arts managers that include painters, sculptors, visual artists, singers, musicians, songwriters, composers, film directors, actors, directors, stage managers, lighting and sound techs, writers, poets, dancers, choreographers, and performers.