All activities at Bishop’s University, including events presented at Centennial Theatre, Bandeen Hall, Turner Studio have been suspended for 2 weeks. The box office and administrative offices at Centennial Theatre will be CLOSED during that time. We hope to proceed to refund ticket holders after the 2-week period. We will keep you updated. We thank you for your understanding and patience.

Due to construction on the Marjorie Donald building,  the parking lot located in front of Centennial Theatre (P3) is closed until December 2020.


To access the Foreman Art Gallery, Centennial Theatre and the box office, all visitors must use the MAIN ENTRANCE (red star), please see campus map below.

PARKING: We suggest that ticket holders/visitors park their cars in the following parking zones: P4 – P4a – P6 – P7.  As a last resort the following zones are also available: P5-P8-P10. Please consult campus map to view pedestrian and car access.

BOX OFFICE: Patrons wishing to purchase tickets at the Centennial Theatre box office must find a parking space in P4 (next to the old arena) and make their way by foot to Centennial Theatre and use the main entrance (concrete stairs). The 10 minutes-free  parking space is no longer available due to major construction. IT IS FORBIDDEN TO PARK in front of Centennial Theatre (fire lane) even for a brief moment to purchase tickets.  The Bishop’s University security department is entitled to issue tickets for parking violations.

PEDESTRIAN ACCESS: Note that the wooden path between Centennial Theatre and the Norton-Pollock residence no longer gives access to the Marjorie building. 




Centennial Theatre Box Office: Monday to Friday from 12 pm to 4 pm. 819-822-9692

See upcoming events at Centennial Theatre


Foreman Art Gallery: Tuesday to Saturday from 12 pm to 5 pm

See upcoming exhibits at Foreman Art Gallery