“Les idées lumière” (in French)

Theatre performance / Audience 8-12 years old


Sunday April 18th, 2021 at 3 pm





Ideation and creation: Véronique Côté, Claudia Gendreau, Marie-Hélène Lalande, and Jean-Philippe Joubert
Text : Véronique Côté
Stage and Concept Direction: Jean-Philippe Joubert
Performers / Conception: Jonathan Gagnon, and Valérie Laroche

In “Les idées lumière”, science becomes a theatrical, poetic, and playful performance. Two curious friends with dazzling imaginations invite the audience to a great celebration of science, a universe they use as a creative engine to invent stories and understand the world in which we live in a different way. Gathered around their inventions, they bring out the light of science and a multitude of ideas that they express sometimes in miniature, sometimes in object theater, sometimes in music or with the help of a camera. You’ll see a tale of a jujube wanting to become the sun again, the creation of a gigantic cloud, and awkward ghosts baking a birthday cake!

Regular price at the box office: $18*
Children price (14 year and under): $12*
Family package (2 adults and 2 children under 14): $50*
*Additional fees may apply according to payment method.
Online purchase fees: $5

Série Choux-Bizz

Série Choux-Bizz

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