• FUDGE | Festival universel de danse géniale pour enfants

  • Mères et mouvements d’enfants

  • Video installation inspired by children’s movements

  • April 28 to July 9

  • Tuesday trough Saturday | Noon to 5 pm

  • Foreman Art Gallery

  • Free

As a curator, artist Camila Vásquez invited Marie Claire Forté, mother, dancer, choreographer, writer and translator, to collaborate on a work inspired by children’s movement. In turn, Marie Claire invited other mother dancers to observe their children moving and to recreate their gestures as best they could. Projected onto the windows in the foyer of the Centennial Theatre, images of women dancing alone and virtually together invite us to contemplate a choreographic language extracted from its usual context, rendered by artists observing a child – the other – with curiosity and love.

Artists: Marie Claire Forté with Katie Ewald, Claudia Fancello, Ève Garnier, Lisa Mariko Gelley, Bee Pallomina, Chloé Saintesprit | Curator: Camila Vásquez

Still photos: Lisa Gelley (courtesy of the artist), Katie Ewald (Bry Webb), Marie Claire Forté (Claudia Fancello)

FUDGE is a unique event entirely devoted to contemporary dance for young audiences.

A rich and varied program to thrill the whole community to the rhythm of dance!

First edition | June 6 to 12, 2022  More information