• LOTO-QUÉBEC presents the Festival des traditions du monde de Sherbrooke | The Next Generation Leahy

  • Friday, August 13 at 8 pm – Centennial Theatre

  • Tickets  20$ (including taxes ) Buy online

A Next Generation Leahy performance is nothing short of remarkable. This family brings to life the high energy, infectious Celtic music people associate with the Leahy heritage. The Leahy children are accomplished multi-instrumentalists with the remarkable ability to en amour audiences of all ages. Fiddle, cello, French accordion, piano, singing, and French-Canadian step-dancing all find a voice on stage.

The Next Generation Leahy is:

Adele – fiddle, piano, cello, step-dance, vocals
Gregory – fiddle, accordion, piano, step-dance, vocals, drums
Angus – fiddle, piano, guitar, step-dance, vocals
Cecilia – fiddle, piano, step-dance, vocals, mandolin
Joseph – fiddle, step-dance, accordion, piano, vocals
Evelyn – fiddle, step-dance, piano, vocals

Photo credits: Littlejohn Photography

The Festival des traditions du monde de Sherbrooke is a intercultural gathering which offers a series of spectacular and participative activities for every public.

Since its inception in 1998, the harmonization of inter-ethnic relations through the celebration and promotion of the various traditions of the world is at the heart of the priorities of the organization.

The event is conducted with consideration and particular attention given to cultural differences and the family, while highlighting various values, such as openness, respect, commitment, professionalism and team spirit. In this way, the Festival contributes to creating a community, as well as allowing traditions to bridge the generational and cultural gaps.