• Presented by Festival Cinéma du monde de Sherbrooke | Ciné-Famille


  • Sunday, August 1 at 10 am – Centennial Theatre

  • Tickets  $6 (some charges may apply) Buy online

FCMS | La chouette en toque

An amusing look at the food chain, how to make your own muffins and why some people overeat. An adaptation of a comical Japanese tale and a new take on an old French song. In addition to your five fruit and veg a day, here are five tales that our Cinema Owl has cooked up for you, with a pinch of that special magic that only animation can provide.   4 years and older

Festival cinéma du monde

Festival cinéma du monde

The Festival cinéma du monde de Sherbrooke (FCMS) offers a varied program of over 100 films as well as an array of education and outreach activities. With thanks to our local, national and international filmmakers, we invite our public to join us in a voyage of discovery across the world’s continents. Our series of round tables, masterclasses, exhibitions and evening celebrations are intended to incite dialogue, creating a platform for on-going debate and discussion. Through its enduring passion for cinema, and by providing an opportunity for filmmakers to showcase their work, the FCMS contributes to the evolving vitality of the film industry. This annual get-together is a gateway to the world, offering us a rare opportunity to discover and explore new cultures. Visit the FESTIVAL CINÉMA DU MONDE DE SHERBROOKE Website