• September, 22, 2021 – 7 pm

  • September, 25 & 26, 2021 – 2 pm

  • Centennial Theatre

  • Tickets on sale in August 25, 2021

  • Purchase your tickets: 819-822-1313

Echoes takes us from one season to another in one immutable and unending cycle, fading into timelessness.

Our lives go by, touch each other, and repeat themselves, forming an infinite loop of slow glances and flitting moments.

In a lyrical scenography featuring a suspended hamlet of warmly lit houses, this performance proposes a vision where humans live in harmony with nature. In this imaginary place, movement is carried by optimism and joie de vivre.

Echoes is a living production full of hope and radiance.

Conception et chorégraphie : Francine Châteauvert
Dancers : Stéphanie Brochard, Julien Derradj, Amandine Garrido Gonzalez, Raphaëlle Renucci, Flora Spang, Joachim Yensen-Martin
Music : Karèya Audet, Tomás Jensen, Nicholas Williams
Scenography: : Guillhem Gosselin Rodière, Simon Gosselin Rodière, Ida Rivard
Costumes : Liliane Rivard
Lighting : Benoit Brault
Musical advisor : René Béchard
Scenography advisor : Marcelle Hudon
Technical Director : Julien St-Pierre

The Sursaut Dance Company is dedicated to the creation, production, and dissemination of dance works for young and family audiences. Joyful, poetic and touching, the company’s productions are witness to the maturity of a progressive and evolutionary artistic vision, aimed at young audiences since more than 30 years. Conscious of the intelligence, the openness, the great capacity to listen and see and the demanding nature of young audiences, the company works with seriousness, authenticity, and with the greatest respect for this audience. Presented from coast to coast in Canada as well as internationally, Sursaut’s productions inspire and charm young and old alike, everywhere they are presented.

The Sursaut Dance Company is a pioneering figure in the field of contemporary dance for young and family audiences in Canada, and contributes to the development of professional dance outside major urban centres. Firmly convinced of the importance of art for young audiences, the company pursues its mandate and works to make dance accessible to all. Visit the Sursaut Website