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‘Gospel and Other Good News!’ – University Singers’ Spring Concert 


 L’attrait envers la musique Gospel et autres musiques que le genre inspire se retrouve dans la joie profonde qu’elle dégage.  Pour le directeur Jamie Crooks, « aucune autre forme de chant choral n’arrive à capturer ce sentiment d’allégresse avec autant d’ardeur. C’est Nietzche qui disait que tout grand art est empreint de gratitude.  Cette dernière n’est plus évidente que dans la tradition Gospel

Le spectacle comprend des pièces standard de la musique Gospel (How I Got Over, His Eye is on the Sparrow, The Storm is Passing Over) ainsi que des chansons populaires inspirées de la tradittion  Gospel (Heaven Help Us All, I’ll Remember You, This is Me, Light of a Clear Blue Morning).  Le but est de communiquer au public la grande joie que procure le chant tant pour les spectateurs que pour les interprètes.

Depuis plusieurs années, les Chanteurs de l’Université invitent une diplômée ou un diplômé pour leur concert du printemps.  Pour ce concert, le choix s’est fait sans conteste vers Karla Mundy (Promotin 2001). Résidente de Vancouver, Mundy est bien établie en tant que directrice de choeur et en tant que vocaliste. Elle offre des ateliers à travers l’Amérique du Nord et en Amérique Centrale.

Karla Mundy - Promotion 2001

Karla Mundy is a vibrant, soulful and diverse vocalist, pianist, arranger and choir leader. Karla directs the four adult community choirs in Vancouver, Bowen Island and Vancouver Island.  She loves leading harmony singing workshops and has taught at GSGW, Voiceworks, Beyond Trad, Sing Smithers, VIMW, SongRoots and at many choir and work retreats. Karla is the founder of SongRoots and is the main organizer of many vocal workshops, retreats, camps and singing/study trips. She is very passionate about providing opportunities for people to sing in harmony and learn about their voices and music in a fun, encouraging and inclusive environment. She has recently led singing study trips to Cuba, Asheville and the Republic of Georgia. As a performer, Karla is a founding member of the No Sh!t Shirleys, TriVo, Cleia,  Plough, The Tanglewood Trio and she released her first solo CD called ‘Way Back’ in 2012.

Bishop's University Singers

Bishop's University Singers

Community Choir

The Bishop’s University Singers are a large mixed-voice chorus.  The choir is open to everyone working or studying and Bishop’s University and to members of the Lennoxville/Sherbrooke communities.  Bishop’s students may obtain academic credits for singing in the group.  But it is first and foremost a community organization dedicated to offering all members the opportunity to sing the great choral works of the classical tradition, to perform a wide variety of popular and contemporary music, and to collaborate with the best instrumentalists of the wider Sherbrooke/Montreal area.  We are a teaching choir.  We take pride in introducing people to the joy and energy of musical performance.  We benefit from the generosity of music majors and experienced musicians who model for newcomers the values of discipline and dedication to the craft of singing.  We benefit from the presence of older community members who remind us regularly of the lifelong joy of raising our voices together.  In addition, we benefit from members with no previous musical experience who show us the irresistible potency of feeling that joy for the first time.  We regard serious music of the past five hundred years as indispensable to choral education and commit to producing at least one full concert of this music per year.  Finally, we welcome opportunities to work with other conductors and choral ensembles on the understanding that a variety of sounds and approaches brought together can produce mutually enriching musical experiences.  For more information, visit our Website.

The BU Singers receive support from Quebecor. 

Director | Fannie Gaudette Associate-

Director | Melinda Enns

Communications Agent | Sonia Patenaude